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List of OpenFastPath resources:

  • FAQ
  • Presentations:
  • Legal Documents
    • Bylaws: Bylaws describe how the OpenFastPath foundation operate. All new members need to review and agree to the bylaws before joining the foundation.
    • Membership Agreement: All Core Members of the OpenFastPath foundation need to sign the membership agreement.
    • Community Membership Agreement: All Community Members of the OpenFastPath Foundation need to sign the community membership agreement.
    • Contribution License Agreement: Anyone who wants to contribute to the OpenFastPath Foundation needs to sign the contribution agreement.
    • Anti-Trust Policy: Anti-Trust policy describes the rules related to the applicable antitrust and competition laws that everyone involved in the OpenFastPath Foundation needs to comply with.
    • IP Policy: OpenFastPath IP Policy describes the licensing model used by the OpenFastPath Foundation.
    • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy is provided to inform users of OpenFastPath Foundation’s policies and procedures regarding collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information received from users.
  • Membership Application Form